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What is Counselling and How does it Help?

In counselling or psychotherapy, you work closely with a qualified therapist who is either a counsellor, psychotherapist or psychologist, to enable you to explore thoughts, beliefs and behaviours that affect your life negatively. Through counselling and psychotherapy you are given the support and safety to explore and understand these thoughts, beliefs and behaviours in the strictest confidence.

The personal growth that can then take place can free you from the limitations of old patterns. This can allow more realistic and effective ways of improving the quality, contentment and satisfaction of your life to emerge.

​You can benefit from counselling and psychotherapy at any stage in your life. However, it is more usual that you are likely to consider counselling when you are seeking to deal with changes, events or transitions in your life, or when you are facing a personal crisis.

Where Do I Start?

Simply contact the Centre directly by phone or email (details below and on "Contact" page). You can then arrange to attend for an initial consultation.

How Many Sessions Will I Need to Attend ?

There really is no single answer to this as it will depend on what issues you are experiencing. During your first session you can discuss this and you can either leave it open-ended or decide to fix on a number of sessions. Often it is agreed to work together for about 6 sessions and then review whether to continue further.

How Long Does A Session Last ?

The length of an individual session is 50 minutes long. A couples therapy session lasts for 60 minutes. A family therapy session can be from 60 -90 minutes depending on the number of family members in the session.

How Much Does A Session Cost ?

Individual Sessions are charged at €70 - €90
Sessions for couples are charged at €80 - €100 and families are charged at €100 - €120

What If I Can't Afford the Cost?

The Carnegie Counselling Centre offers a sliding scale which means that there is a reduction in cost for people struggling financially. This can be negotiated in the first consultation session.
A fee can be negotiated for a client intending to attend beyond 6 sessions.

How Often Will I Need to Attend?

Generally speaking, sessions are held on a weekly basis. This allows the relationship between the therapist and client to develop better as the therapy is regular and consistent, and so the client gets a faster and deeper understanding of their experiences. In some cases they may take place on a fortnightly basis by agreement with your therapist.

Is Therapy Totally Confidential ?

Counselling and psychotherapy is a totally confidential service in almost all situations. However it is important to point out that in certain circumstances ethical and legal obligations must be considered, such as the Child Protection Act protects the rights and welfare of children and minors. Confidentiality will be fully explained to you in the first session.

What Happens If I Need to Cancel a Session ?

In the event of the need to cancel a session you are requested to give 48 hours notice. If you are unable to cancel with less than the agreed period of notice you will be asked to pay a cancellation fee for the missed session, which will be agreed upon at your first session.

Call or email the Carnegie Counselling Centre to make an enquiry or set up an appointment