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Louise Rossiter

Hi, my name is Louise and I am a qualified Psychotherapist; I hold an honours degree in Counselling & Psychotherapy and I am pre accredited with the IACP. I have experience working with adults experiencing emotional difficulties, ranging from (but not limited too) Anxiety, Depression, Trauma, Grief, Loss, Stress, & family & work-related issues. 

Many people experience challenging emotions that they need help exploring. I offer a safe and supportive environment so you can explore any issues that may be affecting your overall well-being and happiness. In our sessions together, you will be offered the therapeutic space to allow yourself to fully express yourself. We will work together to uncover and work through difficult emotions, offering you the space to move towards self-acceptance. 

I have an interest in Mindfulness & Self Compassion and recently I've completed a professional certification in Mindfulness based stress reduction (MBSR).

I would encourage anyone struggling with difficult emotions to reach out to me. I will guide you (at your own pace) and we will work compassionately together to regain peace & happiness in your life.