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Sarah Roche

My name is Sarah. I am an Integrated Counsellor and Art Therapist, accredited with
the IACP. I am fully certified in Choice Theory and Reality Therapy. I believe each
person holds the answers to their problems and I aim to provide a safe place to
explore them.

Using a non-judgmental person-centred approach, I collaborate with
the client to best meet their individual needs and goals. When we are suffering, it is
common to concentrate on all that is wrong or negative in our lives. I offer a place to
gently explore these negative beliefs and understand the patterns we have learned
to survive in the world.

I have a particular interest in Anxiety and Art Therapy. Anxiety can appear in
many ways as it hides itself in our automatic behaviours. Images can help clients to
explore these behaviour’s and work together with Art Psychotherapy to unravel the
unknown and realise new choices. “Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will
direct your life and you will call it fate.” (C.G.Jung)