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The following General Terms and Conditions apply to room rental contracts between Carnegie Counselling Centre and Organisations represented by individual therapists. They also apply to individual therapists regarded as self-employed.

This contract does not create a partnership agreement.

You do not have the authority to enter into contracts on behalf of Carnegie Counselling Centre.

It is forbidden to sublet the therapy room or use it for any other purpose other than that which has been agreed.

1. Professional Responsibilities

a. The Therapist must maintain the appropriate certification, qualifications, a current Garda Clearance check and up to date liability insurance.

b. It is the responsibility of the therapist to attend regular Clinical Supervision in line with recommended frequency outlined in their Accrediting Body’s Code of Ethics.

c. Carnegie Counselling Centre will not deal with any financial transactions or payment of fees on your behalf. You should maintain full control over your bookings and treatment of your clients, including client records and advertising materials.

d. You are expected to conduct yourself in a professional manner at all times whilst using the therapy rooms and the main building. You are responsible for addressing your client’s conduct if needed.

e. You should always work within the guidelines set out by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

2. Service Agreement

a. The therapy rooms must only be used during the hours that have been agreed and booked through the online booking system. Please double check that the booking has been made correctly as the Centre Manager cannot be responsible for any mistakes that are made.

b. Please vacate the room as soon as your pre-paid slot has finished. Other therapists may be using the room and therefore running over the allocated time slot is not permitted.

c. You are in charge of bringing your own equipment to the center and any equipment left in the building is done so at your own risk. Carnegie Counselling Centre will accept no responsibility for personal or professional items left on the premises.

d. You are responsible for the therapy room and its contents during your sessions. Any damage that occurs during this time must be brought to the attention of the Centre Manager and payment for the damage must be received within 14 days of billing.

e. The therapy room must be left in a safe and tidy condition so that other therapists can use it immediately after you. This includes emptying the small tissue bins into the main bin in the kitchen. Cleaning products will be made available by Carnegie Counselling Centre.

f. If any incidents or accidents occur that require attention, please report it to the Centre Manager immediately. There is a First Aid box available in the kitchenette on top of the cupboard.

g. €20 is required for set up costs and a set of keys. If you lose the keys, a replacement set can be arranged at an extra cost. If you do not use the room over the period of a month, the keys will need to be returned unless alternative arrangements have been made between all parties.

h. You are not permitted to make a copy of room keys and you are not permitted to give your keys to a third party.

i. If you are the last person to leave the building, you must ensure that all lights are switched off, the heaters have been switched off and the door has been locked as instructed. A fee of €3 per hour will be charged for heaters left on in the room from the hour that room was due to be vacated. This includes heaters in the waiting room and toilet.

3. Bookings, Payments and Cancellations

a. Rooms are available to be rented in 3hr slots Monday to Sunday on a repeat basis. Rooms are only available to rent on an hourly ad hoc basis from Friday to Sunday and are charged at a higher rate.

b. Bookings can be made via the on-line booking system. Repeat booking slots must be booked on week 3 of the preceding month in order to guarantee continuity. New bookings and ad hoc bookings must be booked on week 4 of the preceding month. This ensures priority access for repeat bookings to rooms they already use.

c. Payment is made via the online therapist log in page on completion of booking process.

d. There is a 24-hour cancellation policy for ad-hoc rooms only and payment for the room will need to be paid for in full whether the room is occupied or not. We recommend that you agree similar terms with your clients. Refunds will be arranged with the Centre Manager.

e. Rooms prebooked on a monthly basis do not qualify for cancellation refunds. This is reflected in the reduced hourly rate. Should you wish to change or discontinue any aspect of your rental arrangement on a monthly basis you are required to give one month’s notice in writing via email.

4. Referral Programme

a. Clients referral programme through contact with Carnegie Counselling Centre can be availed of at a once off fee of €30 payable on the second visit. No fees are incurred when a client only shows for one session.

b. The clients, who have been referred to you by Carnegie Counselling Centre , must be seen at the centre in Glebeview House, Swords. If it is discovered that you are transferring clients to alternative premises, you will no longer be considered for new referrals.