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Welcome to Carnegie Counselling

Seeking Help is not a sign of Weakness…It is a Sign of Courage and Strength

Sometimes in life, we face hurdles that prevent us from progressing and reaching our potential to lead a full life. We often face trials and difficulties in our homes, workplaces and our relationships. We may be stressed and anxious about a loved one, our financial situation or ourselves. We can get bogged down in the regrets of the past or the uncertainty and fear of the future, both of which affect our capacity to be present to ourselves and others. These crises and trials can often be opportunities for growth in personal awareness, a chance to embrace emotional and spiritual freedom.

Our experienced therapists at Carnegie Counselling and Psychotherapy Cemtre in Swords are committed to creating a professional and compassionate space for you to come and invest in your mental health and your personal growth. Along with your therapist, you can focus on the specific issues and circumstances that are creating difficulty for you in your life.

That which we need the most will be found where we least want to look - Carl Jung

If you are struggling with any issues in your life that is having an adverse impact on your mental health ​​​make an appointment with Carnegie Counselling Swords today.

With a strong focus on providing a safe and confidential space, we can explore ways that will help you gain control of your life again by finding new approaches to your challenges.

How Do We Work?

Our therapists at Carnegie Counselling Centre are experienced in working with clients, helping them to understand and cope better with a range of issues. We are trained in different modalities or approaches that best suit your need. These include Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Counselling (Motivational Interviewing) and Mindfulness to name a few.

Avail of a Consultation Today

Making a decision to talk to a counsellor can be a very difficult one.

The first consultation session involves creating a contract together with the counsellor. In this session you get a chance to present the difficulties or issues you are struggling with.

This helps you to see if you connect with the counsellor and explore what you can get from the process of counselling.

What is Counselling and How does it Help?

The Carnegie Counselling Centre Swords offers you such a space to speak to somebody who is skilled in listening can help you to reflect how to progress with issues or where you may be stuck in your life. Speaking to another person who is equipped with techniques and an understanding of psychological dynamics and constructs, can be of great benefit in the process …